Safety is our Trademark

Trademark Adventure Charters is a company dedicated to providing meaningful adventure oriented boating experiences, both locally and beyond. Captain Tad Mondale is a seasoned expert sailor, with extensive experience in offshore cruising, yacht deliveries, and charter services. Captain Tad has the skills and experience to assure that your boating adventure will be safe, fun, and instructional. Whether you want to sail a large yacht in the Caribbean, or learn some small boat skills locally, Trademark Adventure Charters can take you wherever you want to go.

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Cruising Catamaran Adventures

Catamaran sailing vessel “Rock Steady” is the largest vessel in the fleet owned exclusively by Trademark Adventure Charters. This 40 foot vessel has just returned from two years sailing in the BVI, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, and East coast USA. Rock Steady is equipped with 4 full sized queen births each with private en suite lavatory and shower facilities. The vessel features 6’4” headroom throughout her luxuriously appointed interior, and sleeps 8 comfortably with plenty of room for provisions, and lots of space to spread out and enjoy. The boat comes with available stand up paddle boards, double kayak, and lots of other toys to make exploring the marine world lots of fun for everyone. Rock Steady comes equipped with a large generator and is fully air conditioned. She is also outfitted with a high speed satellite internet terminal, so you can stay connected anywhere in the world. Rock Steady is available for sunset cruises, overnight adventures, and one week cruises.

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Motorboat Adventures

For those who like to get where they are going quickly, Trademark Adventure Charters will take you to your favorite fishing hole. We can also take you out on the lake for some waterskiing, wakeboarding, or just some crawfish on the beach. Whatever floats your boat! Larger motor vessels can also be chartered for you by Captain Tad.

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High Performance Catamaran Sailing Adventures

Imagine you and some of your friends hiking out on a trapeze wire in a harness, whizzing inches above the water at high speeds propelled only by the power of the wind. This beach cat is for the sailor who is also a thrill seeker. The “Dirty Bird” is a Nacra Inter 20 a state of the art sailing machine. It is specifically designed to go fast. A short 30 minute instruction class is required for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of this high octane speed machine.

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Laser Skills

Trademark Adventure Charters currently owns three Laser sailboats. We will be happy to provide basic sailing instruction to those who want to be close to the water and improve their skills in safe small boat handling. We have a private boat dock and launching spot in Slidell, LA., with a nice protected inlet off of Lake Pontchartrain, as well as several nearby beaches that are fun and easy for beginners and intermediate sailors to explore.

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Kitesurfing Adventures

Want to improve your kiteboarding skills? What better way than to spend a weekend aboard “Cha- Ching” anchored nearby one of the Gulf Shore Islands? Trademark Adventure Charters can take up to six passengers for an unforgettable beach getaway, where there are no buildings or other obstructions to block the steady sea breeze.

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Windsurfing Adventures

We will take you to a place where the sand is white and the breeze is strong and steady. Trademark Adventure Charters specializes in experiences that are tailor made for this type of excursion. “Cha-Ching” can also be chartered to take you to the destination of your choice.

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Canoing Adventures

Let Captain Tad show you the splendors of a pristine cypress swamp, where myriads of birds, reptiles, and fish thrive (and sometimes an alligator or two!) in a land of wild rice and duckweed. This is a perfect half or full day option for anyone who wants to see why they call Louisiana “Sportsmans’ Paradise”. You will learn some local knowledge, meet interesting folks who live on the river, and come home kissed by the sun.

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Captain Tad Mondale

Merchant Mariner Credentials

  • U. S. Coast Guard Masters License #113786
  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV)
  • OUPV to Mate (100 Gross Tons)
  • Mate to Master (100 Gross Tons)
  • Auxiliary Sail Endorsement
  • Assistance Towing Endorsement
  • First Aid and CPR (STCW)

Since 2006 I have logged over 11,000 NM as captain of the cruising catamaran “Cha- Ching”.

In 2008 I served as a mate on Oceans Seven (Privlege 585 catamaran) for 55 days on a trans-Atlantic crossing, starting in Perpignon, France, and ending in St. Thomas BVI (stops in Cartegena, Spain, Tenerife, Spain, Antiqua, and St. Maartin). We were fortunate to have a celestial navigator on board who helped us log over 800 nautical miles using a sextant and celestial bodies to pinpoint our location.

From 2003 to 2006 I owned and captained a Gemini 3200, which was also purchased in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and sailed back to New Orleans, without any major incident. Many trips were made on the Gemini to various islands in the Gulf of Mexico (Petit Bois, Horn Island, Ship Island, East Ship Island, Horn Island, Cat Island, Dauphine Island, Pensacola FL, etc.) Most of these trips lasted about a week and a half, and dozens of these trips were made successfully during this time period, with no accidents or claims to report.

In 2004 I served as first mate sailing “The Big Dog” (62’ Robertson Cane Moorings Catamaran) from West Palm Beach, FL, to St. Martin. Extensive night sailing experience using radar. The first leg of this trip was to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we refueled and rested for 2 days before picking up more crew in Charlotte Amalie, USVI, and sailing the Sir Francis Drake Channel visiting Tortolla, BVI, and then upwind to St. Martin. This trip lasted almost 3 weeks and demonstrated our abilities in a variety of conditions.

I have owned a Prindle 18 for ten years, and I currently own an Inter-20 (Nacra Catamaran-purchased in 2006), which I sail several times per month on a regular basis, in a variety of locations and conditions. I also own a pair of Laser sailboats purchased in 2006 that I sail from our house on the lake on a regular basis, and teach other friends and relatives the joys of sailing and exploring Lake Pontchartrain. I also own a BIC windsurfer, and have recently obtained my IKO certification for Kitesurfing, while I was in Bonaire. I have been an avid sailor since the age of 8 years.

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